SWISH Editorial

How Shopping Local Helps The Environment
Shopping small helps our community by creating jobs and contributing to the investment of the community, but did you know that it also helps the environment?That’s right! When you support a local business you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping...
Why Bamboo?
Bamboo is soft, durable, AND SUSTAINABLE! It’s also very stretchy, a natural deodorizer, and hangs beautifully!
Confidence Talk
On a deeper note, being truly and fully confident in yourself goes beyond fashion. Many women, even celebrities who are known for their beauty, don’t feel beautiful when they are being themselves.
How To: Care For Linen Clothing

Linen! It’s a Swish staple. This fabric looks fabulous on arguably ALL BODY TYPES and is very breathable, keeping you cool all summer long. Aside from reading the care instructions on the label, here are a few tips for keeping your linen looking beautiful...

Bikini Season Blues?

Though we don’t currently carry swimsuits, our friends at Underwire Bra Boutique in Sechelt carry a selection of sizes and styles. Whatever your preference of swimwear, we want to talk to you about one very important thing - 

How hard it can be to not feel TERRIFIED when putting on any style of swimsuit.

Let’s Be Angry
For a lot of us, starting from when we are very young, we were told what our bodies should look like. More often than not what that image is, is not achievable for many in a healthy way.
Tips for our Customer Model Shoots!
Would you like to join in on our Monthly Customer Model Shoot but are worried that you won’t do well at it? Here are a few pose ideas to help you to feel more confident from the UK Models website....
Fashion with a Dash of Real
At Swish, we KNOW that bodies come in ALL SIZES and all can look stylish, sexy, and fabulous! We want to help change the lie by showing models of all sizes looking ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. By doing this, other women of a similar size can see themselves and say “Hey! That’s my size and that woman is HOT!”
Style with Confidence
We at Swish Apparel want you to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing so that you can feel (and look!) confident. Why is this important for you? Because clothing affects the mind! “…and as it turns out, your outfit may...
The Importance of Shopping Small this Holiday Season!
We at Swish Apparel are a small business surrounded by veteran small businesses and new small businesses in the heart of Lower Gibsons, on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia.   We feel that it is important to shop small every...
Beware of Fast Fashion!
“While the clothing retailer has steadily fed our appetite for super trendy, budget-friendly threads, the true cost of the fast-fashion giant has led activists to criticize its business model and call for change.” -Ade Onibada, BuzzFeed News
Positive Talk & Alterations - Free of Charge
We don’t carry “petite” sizes because your clothes can and should fit your body, whatever your shape or height. Everyone is different and we love that here at Swish. A simple, tweak, dart or hem can make all the difference to how a garment lays/fits on you.
Unexpectedly Swishified
At Swish Apparel, we want to help you find what makes YOU feel beautiful and confident, no matter what size you are. The Swishified experience is our passion and making others feel empowered is our joy.
Now a Mechanic Owns a Clothing Store
How did Jeff Amiel, a mechanic, come to own Swish Apparel? It involves a show car, family, the previous owner of Swish, and his late wife. It's quite the story - Read on to find out.
Who knows better about women’s bodies, the changes that happen to them, the life circumstances that deeply affect how we dress, what we’re dressing for and what makes us feel good in the clothes we are wearing? Drum rollllllllll… we do!
Let's Talk
Let’s talk. For real. We can talk about fabric and slow fashion and capsule wardrobing and ethical manufacturing and we will. I’ll get to it…but first let’s talk about fitting rooms.
Slow Fashion Redirect
Styles change, and our bodies change, and those two realities don’t always line up. What do we do when Pantone announces the “colours of the year” and you don’t like coral, taupe makes you look like death warmed over and mint is the colour your baby is wearing?