Along with warmer weather, comes fun in the sun!

Though we don’t currently carry swimsuits, our friends at Underwire Bra Boutique in Sechelt carry a selection of sizes and styles.

Whatever your preference of swimwear, we want to talk to you about one very important thing - 

How hard it can be to not feel TERRIFIED when putting on any style of swimsuit.

Stretch marks, battle scars, birthmarks, blemishes, parts of your body you may not like so much, are usually all available to view in a swimsuit to the other people at the beach or lake. 

Some have no trouble with this, but many feel self-conscious, so here are some tips for you…

  1. Avoid the comparison game. Many people are too busy thinking about what other people think of their body, that they aren’t even looking at yours.
  2. Focus on the things you like about your body and think about those things when you let your buns loose to the sun.
  3. Find a swimsuit that makes you feel as confident you can be and is practical for the activity you are doing (support for the ‘girls’!)
  4. Remember that you are GORGEOUS just the way you are and don’t let any negative comments hold you back from being the hottie that WE KNOW you are.



At Swish Apparel, we want to help you find what makes YOU feel beautiful and confident, no matter what size you are. The Swishified experience is our passion and making others feel empowered is our joy. 

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