We at Swish Apparel want you to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing so that you can feel (and look!) confident.

Why is this important for you?

Because clothing affects the mind!

“…and as it turns out, your outfit may alter how you approach and interact with the world.” -Vogue

Clothing affects not only the way other people see you, but how you feel about yourself. 

Two people can try on the exact same outfit and one person can feel like a queen and the other could feel like a clown. If you are wearing something that makes you feel like a queen, then you will ACT LIKE IT! 

This will then change the way you view and approach different situations. Keep this in mind whenever you are trying on a new outfit!

“The idea that you get a confidence boost when wearing clothes you love isn’t just a marketing ploy; it’s science. Your clothes can play a big role not only in how you feel but also in how you perform at work and interact with other people.” -White House Black Market



At Swish Apparel, we want to help you find what makes YOU feel beautiful and confident, no matter what size you are. The Swishified experience is our passion and making others feel empowered is our joy. 





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