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Styling Tips for Your Body Type

It can be HARD to figure out what to look for when you have a certain body type, or if your body type changes, so here are some suggestions to get you started!

Pear: Cowl necked tops; bootcut jeans and pants; chunky, layered necklaces

pear shaped body type

Hourglass: Wrap tops; bomber jackets with elastic waistbands; fit & flare dresses

hourglass shaped body type

Apple: Relaxed, boyfriend button-up tops; skinny jeans; statement rings & oversized earrings

apple shaped body type

Athletic: Tops with scoop & round necklines; peacoats; flowy outerwear

athletic shaped body type


At Swish Apparel, we want to help you find what makes YOU feel beautiful and confident, no matter what size you wear. The Swishified experience is our passion and making others feel empowered is our joy.


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