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Unexpectedly Swishified

On vacation in Gibsons BC, you step into a clothing store just up from the marina and take in the scene. Beautiful accessories, carefully curated, colour blocked for ease, stylish and friendly staff, fabulous shoes.

You nervously take a look at the first clothing rack you see, thinking that you will be disappointed yet again. Time and time again you have experienced the feeling of being ‘rejected’ by otherwise cute clothing. Your size 16 body, though the average for a person in the US, is often too voluptuous for the current fashion trends.

BUT WAIT! There it is, size 16. You can fit ANYTHING in the store - as long as it’s not sold out.

One of the smiling staff approaches you and asks if you would like a fitting room. YES PLEASE. 

The bright and spacious fitting room flatters your every curve, unlike the terrible lighting you are used to in others stores. You try on the first piece and walk out of the fitting room. A smiling face is waiting to see your outfit…

“You look beautiful!”

“How do you feel?”

“Would you like me to find something else?”

“That colour looks great on you!”

An hour later, you get rung up at the till, and leave with two bags full of fabulous finds and a sense that you will be back to Gibsons, and Swish Apparel, soon.


At Swish Apparel, we want to help you find what makes YOU feel beautiful and confident, no matter what size you are. The Swishified experience is our passion and making others feel empowered is our joy.

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  • Lynn

    Hello, where on your website can I shop for Sandles or boots and shoes?

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