Our Story

The SWISH Story

Swish was founded by Lynn Ujvary in 2009 after a fateful trip to NYC. She was drawn back into the glamour, creativity and fun that comes with a life in fashion. With strong roots in the trade, she saw an opportunity to design clothing for women “that highlight everything we love about ourselves, and focus on building confidence.” There was a distinct need not only on the Sunshine Coast, but also within the industry. Lynn took charge, reminding women that you make the rules when it comes to your body.

Since opening its doors in 2010, Swish has taken pride in bringing NY style to the West Coast, evolving from a small co-op space, to the wonderful shopping place-to-be that exists today. Combining the best of NY style, hand-sourced lines and in house designs. All Swish Apparel fashions are manufactured here in Vancouver, Canada.

Community is ingrained in the SWISH culture and brand. The sense of community is strong in the small seaside town of Gibsons, BC, They support their neighbours and community at events, are involved in multiple yearly fundraisers and once sponsored a community pancake breakfast fundraiser so the breakfast was free for everyone. 

SWISH Fashion

The boutique carries Canadian-made fashion and accessories, but its signature SWISH fashion line is most prevalent on the racks. This clothing line features items handmade in Vancouver using sustainable, slow fashion practices to make it as eco-friendly as possible. 

Everything in the Gibsons shop and sold through our online store are designed to celebrate who you are in a comfortable, breathable, and fashionable way. No matter your size, body type, skin colour, hair, or age, you are welcome here and we’ll find clothing and accessories to make you feel confident, empowered, and beautiful.

About the Owner

Throughout the 2000s, Jeff Amiel and his wife Kim would visit the Sunshine Coast regularly for vacations. It wasn’t until 2012 that they discovered SWISH Boutique and from the second they walked through the door, they felt at home. They fell in love with the store!

Every time they would return to the Coast, they would stop in the store to shop and visit Lynn. They developed a close friendship through the years and even started informal discussions about opening a satellite store for SWISH on Granville Island.  

Unfortunately, before they could finalize any plans, Kim passed away. In 2018, Lynn put her original shop in Gibsons up for sale, and to honour his late wife, Jeff put in an offer to purchase the business and is now the proud owner of SWISH Apparel in Gibsons. 

SWISH boutique Gibsons BC