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The Slouch quickly became one of our favorite, easy pieces. This is a one-sized garment that does a great job on every body! Slim, wide cuffs are flattering, while the easy fit of the tunic means that you can rest easy. The Slouch is made to wear with leggings and looks cute with a pop or colour from out 'Modal Tank' underneath. We love using our "Button Buddy" to change up the look of this Swish classic. It's a year round piece and is cute with flip flops or boots! 

It's made in your choice of 95% Modal & 5% Spandex, 95% Bamboo & 5% Spandex, and in seasonal fabrics too!

Shipping and tracking
Shipping is included when your purchase total (before tax) is over $100, within Canada. We will ship Internationally. We will do our best to process your order within two business days. A tracking number will be provided to you when your pieces are shipped.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. We offer returns on our clothing within 30 days. There are no returns on personal items, jewellery and altered clothing, however, if you are unhappy, we’re unhappy and we will do our best to find a good solution. We want you to feel amazing!

Payment options
We accept all major credit cards, including American Express.


Fit and Size Guide

Each clothing description has a review of the fit.

Care and cleaning
Always be sure to follow the care and cleaning instructions found inside your garment. With the exception of dry clean only, our suggestion is always to wash gently in cold water and lay flat to dry. We don’t know how new or old your washing machine and dryer are and they’re all so different. We want your clothes to last, use environmentally friendly soap and give your dryer a break…

Will my clothes shrink?
Usually this question is reserved for linen and cotton. The answer is dependant on your care of them. Dryer’s will shrink your clothes. The problem with shrinkage is that you never know which direction they will shrink. For jeans, expect a half inch. For all your other garments, follow the care instructions inside.

Help! I don’t remember how you showed me to wear my clothes in the store!
We want you to feel as amazing as you felt when you tried on that outfit the first time, we’re here to help. We will be posting instructional videos. In the meantime, we can walk you thru it…

Do you carry Petite/Plus sizes?
Different brands carry different sizes. Swish clothing is typically manufactured x small to xlg, however we do carry a range of pieces that are sized up to 3X. Many of the other brands we carry have a size range from x small to 3X.

Psssst…. Remember how all of our bodies are different….clothes are just a starting place. No one manufacturer can do it all. We are lucky to have an amazing seamstress at the Gibsons store, who will alter your Swish pieces so they fit your body just right. Sometimes a shortened hem can make all the difference. We cannot remake a garment or shorten your dad’s pants, but we offer hemming and tweaking at no charge.

Gift cards
Gift cards are an amazing way to celebrate someone and they are available in any denomination.

Is it a gift!
Let us know and we can make it extra special. Gift wrapping is always available.

Is Modal polyester? What is Modal?
Modal is one of our favourites fabrics to manufacture with. Modal is made from the cellulose of Beech trees. It is breathable, natural, comfortable, wicks away moisture, compostable and sustainable. It is classified as a semi synthetic and made from natural fibers.

Out of stock items
Due to the fact that we manufacture most of our own clothing in Vancouver, when items become out of stock we have to plan for a new cut. We cannot cut one or two pieces. We do our best to plan ahead and offer what is readily available, however, if an item is out of stock it will take some time. Please be patient with us. We will let you know when it is available and get it to you as soon as possible.

What does SWISH mean?
“SWISH, as a concept, has existed in the heart of Lynn Ujvary (founder, owner, designer and confidence inspiration extraordinaire) for much longer than we’ve been a public entity. When she was growing up, her family didn’t have a lot of money. Twice a year, the kids were taken on a grand adventure to the plush carpets and fancy salon of the department stores, and a new outfit was selected, carefully. Trying on the many options, and putting on a show for their hard-working parents, the ultimate approval would hopefully escape her mother’s lips. “That’s SWISH”. And that’s when you knew it was really special. And that is what dressing should feel like every day. SWISH.” (Why fashion matters. One woman’s theory of retail, Lynn Ujvary with Katy Ujvary)

Is Lynn still involved with SWISH?
Swish was and is still part of Lynn’s heart. She exists in so many aspects of the store. Sophia (production and store manager, buyer, merchandiser) keeps in touch with Lynn regularly. Not only because of their friendship of 18 years, but because they have always worked well developing creative ideas and making them a reality. While Lynn no longer does the buying for Swish, her experience within the fashion industry and production at the factory level make her an invaluable resource today.

The SWISH Clothing Difference

• Slow fashion practices

• Sustainable manufacturing process

• Made in Canada clothing

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